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March 30, 2011 / tblhockey

Social Media Interaction Between USF and its Students

interview project

July 7, 2010 / tblhockey

Next on List: Training Camp

It’s summertime and the Stanley Cup has already been hoisted.   The hockey season  

Chris Lawrence, minor league player, training


 has slowed down and fans wait for season to start, hoping that their favorite players will not be traded away.  Next on the list is training camp.  While fans may be bored  while they wait for hockey to pick back up, the players could never be more busy.   This is the time of year when hockey players work the hardest because come  training camp time all eyes will be on them.  If they get out of breath, there is a problem.  If they are being passed by other players, there is a problem.  This is their time to prove themselves that they are NHL player  material.  Many players will come to camp but most will leave to go back to their minor leagues. 

The Lightning’s training camp is at the Brandon Ice Sports Forum in September and it is open to the public.  Camp will last about 2 weeks and is just about everyday.  I can remember going to watch training camp for as long as I can remember.  I get a chance to see all the players from the previous year that I had loved as well as the players that were fighting for a spot.  Most of the players at training camp get sent back down to the minors to further develop their game.  During training camp their will literally be fights among players during scrimmages.  They are trying to prove that they are tough and they will be a fighter on the team if it means they have a spot.  Every team needs an enforcer or fighter and players will show that they can be that guy.  It always helps to score goals though, too. 

Scrimmage during training camp


I also love training camp because of the atmosphere.  usually there will be 200 people during the weekend days of training camp who come to watch.  I always enjoy talking to other fans about the upcoming season and what is expected.  They practice in the local ice rink where I play hockey, I always though that was so cool the next time I skated on the same sheet of ice.  In that arena, there are two different rink or sheet of ice that are connected by a hallway.  There will be two different practice or scrimmages going on at the same time, since there are so many players.  I remember when I was younger I would always run back and forth between the rinks to not miss any action.  If I was lucky, all my favorite players would be on the same rink. 

June 27, 2010 / tblhockey

Awards Night A Hit!


Martin St. Louis

               I always love watching th NHL awards show each year.   It allows me to reflect  back on the year’s most memorable plays, players and games.   First of all congrats the Lightning’s Martin St. louis on winning the lady Byng memorial trophy given to the player who demonstrates the most gentlemanly play.  St. Louis is my all-time favorite hockey player, ever since he first cam to Tampa in 2002.  He is the hardest working player on the ice and doesn’t let his height at 5’9” get in the way.  He is a leader on and off the ice and leads by example.  He is also plays an important role in the community and for that I salute him.

Ryan Miller

                     The Vezina trophy, awarded to the top goaltender was won by Ryan Miller.   Just about everyone in the country has to agree with this.  He carried the U.S.A. team and nation  on his shoulders through the 2010
 Winter Olympics.  I know that this is not
an Olympics awards show though.  His play in the NHL regular and post season games was
 also Phenomenal. 
             Other honorable mentions are Henrik Sedin who won the Hart trophy, which is given to the player voted to be the most valuable to his team.  I was thrilled when Sedin won because the other two nominees were Crosby and Ovechkin who always win everything.  It was nice to see a fresh face.  I just hope that his twin brother and teammate will not get too jealous. 

Masterton's Award

               Jose Theodore took the Masterton Trophy as the player who best demonstrates perseverance.  He lost his son this past year due to birth complications and somehow remained positive.  He still led his
team and even donated money to the Children’s
National Medical center for every save, win and shutout.  The amount totaled $35,000.  

             When the host went to announce the winner of the Calder Trophy he announced that the winner was Ty Domi, when he was not even on of the nominees.  In fact, Domi has been retired for many years now.  The real winner was Tyler Myers.  I think that the host was trying to be funny but I thought that it was very tacky.  That trophy is given to the rookie if the year and to confuse the rookie of the year with a player who made a name for himself by playing dirty, fighting and resembling a monkey is  just disrespectful.  All in all though it was a good night.

June 20, 2010 / tblhockey

Stanley Cup Memories

         It’s that time of year, when the hockey season has ended, that the memories of six years ago come rushing back.  The day was June 7th, 2004, and anyone who calls themselves a true Lightning fan remembers exactly where they were that day and what happened.


This was taken after the Lightning won the series against the islanders, and was in the St. Pete Times paper the next day

I brought my replica Stanley cup through out all of the other games, but not that night.  I felt it would be bad luck to bring a replica when later that night the real Stanley Cup would be hoisted.  So, it was off to the Ice Palace or the St. Pete Times Forum if you prefer the new name.  The arena was packed and the plaza outside was also packed.  I was wearing my Tampa Bay Lightning jersey with the number 26 and St. Louis on the back.

       The last 30 seconds to the game began to tick down, with the Lightning ahead, and I found myself watching the clock instead of the game.  The final seconds ticked away, the final horn went off, the audience raged and Nikolai Khabibulin (The Bulin Wall) threw his stick in the air as players rushed off the ice to greet him in celebration.  I was sitting seven rows from the ice and I was at the end of the ice where Khabibulin was celebrating with the other players.  It will be something I will never forget.

      How could I forget Andre Roy taking the hands of Chris Dingman, fellow fighter and Enforcer, as they skated around dancing in

Dave hoisting the cup for the first time

 joy?  Then of course there was Roy who had his own video camera on the ice, capturing the momentous night.  Then there was Dave Andreychuk.  One can not talk about the success of the Lightning in 2004 with out the name Andreychuk, the captain and leader of the team.  He lifted the cup over his head after 2 decades of waiting, he tried to pass it off to Tim Taylor but the team wouldn’t let him, so he skated around with it victoriously.  After kissing it  he passed it to Taylor.

         That whole summer was filled with joy.  I loved going to get the paper and check online to see what part of the world the cup was in and with whom.  I loved hearing about what the players had done on their day with the cup and seeing pictures.  The summer of 2004 will definitely be a summer that I will never forget.

June 18, 2010 / tblhockey

About Me

I attended my first hockey game when I was four years old; it was love at first sight.  Sixteen years later, a lot has changed but my love for the sport has stayed the same.  I have accumulated many interesting hockey stories along the way too.  Just ask me, I’d love to tell you.

I currently am a junior at the University of South Florida working towards a B.A. in public relations.  It would be a dream to work for the team that has been such a large part of my life.  When I’m not cheering for the Lightning, you can find me at a local ice rink as I play hockey myself.